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10th-Nov-2010 12:00 am - [SEMI-FRIENDS ONLY]
Shigeki sora

Semi-friends only means..
- Posts on website updates, translations of any kind, (most) art posts, comic introductions, general convention reports (cosplay will be under cut) and other impersonal things will remain public.
- Posts on real life, cosplay, really stupid crazy fangirl things that will probably ruin any positive image I had in anyone, will be friends-locked.

As well, please understand that I have filters for "COSPLAY OK" people, for people who either like cosplay, or cosplay themselves (most likely the latter); otherwise, being my friend only will not allow you to access my cosplay posts (other than website updates and the occasional convention report). This is because I do not want to spam those people on my f-list who don't like/know cosplay with my "special" hobby :) If you want to be my friend for my cosplay, please state so and I will add you into the cosplay filter! (Vice versa, if you want to be taken out of it, please tell me as well)

Please comment to be added (because otherwise I probably won't notice...orz) All comments will be screened, thank-you for looking!
2nd-Mar-2010 10:30 pm - Graduation 2010
Arashi Everything

so, not-so-point-form point form:

- tears ;___: even though i don't officially teach the third years and i only met them for their last few months of high school, they are soooo nice to me..and seriously when i received unexpected gifts and cards and thanks from them...tooooo moved.....i'm so glad i got to be a teacher for these kids ;_____________________;
- aaaaaaaa and when they would introduce me to their parents...i made a mother cry lol...then because i am so easily affected i cried so much too OTL;;;;
- what was not so cool was, because my main high school has no uniform the girls mostly get decked out in kimono and hakama...which i was in too.....and a lot of parents were like "wtf what's that student doing out of class?? what she's a teacher no way!!" .................i am...
- after grad, we went to the celebration for the 3rd year homeroom teachers
- booze and good times
- then 2nd party--more booze and comparably better times (lol)
- karaoke...I SANG POP STAR (Hirai Ken) and BACKSTREET BOYS!
- when I went home...I actually had mark input and stuff to do..but...........i fell asleep
- i have an excuse....this is because i woke up at 3:30... for some last-minute graduation prep work and then kimono-wearing, then at night after the parties came home after 1am
- today...went to my visit school and taught 5 straight classes..which was AWESOME THROUGHOUT COZ I WAS TEACHING ABT VANC OLYMPICS AND WENT ALL "FUCK YEAHHH CANADAAAAAAAAAA" █ ♥ █
- but sooooooo tiring OTL;;;
- because during my breaks and for around 2 hours afterschool i had to keep playing phone tag with my base school because someone is confused about the mark inputting and mark cutoff was today and ffffffffffffff why do they rely on the foreigner for this stuff?? LOL.
- but came home and watched Arashi on Utaban so all is good♥


I took like 150+ more but laziness has kicked in and i'm going to do some work and then SLEEP.

♥ to you all, I will comment on things...soon.
13th-Feb-2010 06:28 pm - weeeeeeeeeeeeeekend!
Ginshu ♥
So, Olympics, Valentine's, and Chinese New Year all in a weekend! Exciting! This past week has been crazy for me, since I had influenza last week I had all this work piled up for this week, and between conducting interview exams with 240 of my kids and coaching others on their university entrance exams, I worked everyday from 8am to 6:30~7pm (when the school closes) with no break at all...hahaha I brought it on myself though, since the interview exams were my idea and.......ok I won't bore you with my work talk, but just have to keep saying, I love it, even if I don't think my body is responding well..ahha..ha.......

K gonna talk about the last couple of days with pics down hereeee

text and picssssCollapse )

Oh, and then I stole this from scientific♥:
Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing.

harhahrharharharrrr yayyyy I just got back from coming out so I don't look like total entire crap 8DCollapse )
11th-Feb-2010 01:05 pm - ;____;
Gokudera cry



I haven't cried this much in...a very long time.

I want my bro with me now.
24th-Jan-2010 01:10 am - Massive post of recapness
Minorin batsu
I was going to start this post with HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ..but I made a post after the new year began because of my (still) very current obsession with a certain weather-type idol group....

This post is to recap the last....5+ months and also to make me start using LJ regularly again lol. I have been very out of the touch with you guys and I'm very sorry about it, I have no excuse except that I keep feeling I should recap in detail with everything that's happening around, but when I think about the big post I SHOULD make, I get intimated and end up...doing laundry or something else instead ahaha.

SO!! If you still want to befriend this failure of a person and am interested in the boringness of my life, please read on 8D

RECAPNESSSSSSSSSS with picsCollapse )
I will try posting normally from now on now that I messily filled in the gap of when I disappeared off the face of the Earth~~


Coming back to Vancouverland Mar. 20 ~ Apr. 4
If you guys are free spare a day to see me, ja?♥
I had a draft of an epic post recapping the last four months in Japan and such....but...


ok that is all, all you homies back in Vancouver-land, please stalk him for me ;____;
9th-Dec-2009 04:47 pm - December!
Leader flower
Hello! I am still alive...sort of.

So it's been over a month since I last updated...

November was a blast for myself, and selfishly because of various surprises I got for my birthday, which...I really should make a separate entry for..so..........I will............lol. There is something else I must say in this one though!

First of all, please understand, I can only update LJ at home, and by the time I get home from work I'm usually too dead to do anything after chores and some TV...ahahaha..............

So, hey now! If you're clever and you look at the time and think...."It's 4:30pm on a weekday! What are you doing at home updating LJ!?"

Now now, I have an explanation. Let me start with what happened this weekend.

I went to the Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Tour in Tokyo Dome on Sunday, their last show of the year and..............one of the happiest days in my life. I will save myself embarrassment by dwelling on this further but, omg I love them. SRSLY.

But AFTER Sunday is when the fun part starts!

WORDS!Collapse )

Anyway, I just needed to let this out and I realized I still had LJ, so sorry friends^^;; I promise to be more existent after this all sorts out~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Today was sooo happy!

Firstly, I must say..it is Arashi's 10th anniversary!!
Happy Birthday Arashi
Love love love love love the five of you,please have another and another and another happy 10 years!
Can't wait to see the concert in just over a month...!!

But what's even better about today is that I got to spend this day (since it was a holiday for Culture Day) with my beloved senpai, simply_shine! Haven't seen her in sooo long♥♥♥♥♥

I went to Sendai and we spent a girl's day out~ Starbucks, shopping, purikura, pasta, karaoke (we went to Karaoke-kan and I sang so much Arashi but Arashi didn't come in surprise-ambush us like in last week's Himitsu no Arashi-chan...;___;), and then finally ending it off with more shopping and more Starbucks!

So many Starbucks stores in Sendai XDD

Then, after I thought I failed getting the purikura on the cell phone, apparently, we can get it AFTERwards thru the cellphone site!!!
So senpai, here are the pics~~

Yes, also Nishikido Ryou-san's birthday★

Aaa, so much fun~~Thanks so much for the great day senpaiiiiii~~~

When I got home at night I saw this near my apartment!

sooooooo Xmas feel already...today was so cold, too!!

...so cold I bought two pairs of boots ahahaha..ha.......wwwwwwww
31st-Oct-2009 04:55 pm - Happy Halloween!
Arashi Everything
...although I'm sort of sick of it for doing lessons on it for a week now......

yesterday I did a party for my kids and they make jack-o-lanterns!

I made one with drool but I failed to take a picture of it before I gave it to the toddler next door OTL;;;

this halloween no costume!! no motivation and nobody who has found out my craziness for cosplay yet lol...

I finally get a day off where I don't have to work or volunteer or go to a school event! So I went for a haircutCollapse )

...and!! I'm so sorry that I'm late and inconsiderate and suck, but,


I'm sorry I'm a loser and am only posting this at the end of the month...if you guys need stuff in Japan and it is within my reach, please tell me lol ;)
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